MLE-Moodle: Choose the model of your mobile phone:


C510 C510a C702
C901 C902 C905
D750 F500 F500i
G502 G700 G705
K310 K310i K320
K320i K500 K500c
K500i K506c K508
K510 K530 K550
K550im K600 K608
K610i K618 K630
K660 K700 K700c
K700i K750 K750i
K770 K770i K790
K800 K800i K810i
K850 K850i M600
M608 M610i Mylo
P1 P1i P800
P802 P900 P908
P910 P910a P910c
P910i P990 P990i
S500 S500i S700
S700c S700i S710
T303 T360 T612
T650 U1i V600
V630 V640 V640i
V800 V802 W200
W200i W300 W300i
W350 W380 W380c
W550 W580 W580i
W595 W600 W610i
W700 W710 W710i
W715 W760 W760i
W800 W800i W810
W810i W830 W830i
W850 W850i W880
W880i W890i W900
W900i W908c W910
W910i W950 W950i
W958c W960 W995
X1 XPERIA X1 Z1010
Z250 Z300 Z300a
Z310 Z320 Z500
Z500a Z500i Z520
Z525 Z530 Z550
Z550i Z555 Z558
Z610 Z710 Z750
Z750i Z770 Z800


If you can not find your mobile phone, you can try to use the standard application versions below:
Standard-version, Minimum-version
If your device is not in the list, please send us a device-report with this application: install device testing application.
As an alternative you can build your own generic device: Build generic device.