MLE-Moodle: Choose the model of your mobile phone:


A700 A707 A900
B2100 B2700 Blackjack
C6625 Corby D520
D600 D608 D720
D728 D730 D800
D820 D828 D900
D908 E330N E390
E500 E635 E638
E770 E780 E788
E800N E870 E898
E900 F330 F400
F480 F700 F700V
G800 G810 GT S3650
GT-I8910 GT-S5233S GT-S5600
I600 I8000 I900
J200 J750 L700
L760 P310 P858
S3650 S5230 S8000
S8300 SCH-X230 SCH-X250
SGH-I900 SGH-U800 Star
T509 T609 T629
T709 T809 U600
U700 U900 X4209
X820 X830 Z400
Z540 Z560 Z630
Z720 ZM60 i560


If you can not find your mobile phone, you can try to use the standard application versions below:
Standard-version, Minimum-version
If your device is not in the list, please send us a device-report with this application: install device testing application.
As an alternative you can build your own generic device: Build generic device.