MLE-Moodle: Choose the model of your mobile phone:


A1000 A1200 A1200W
A1200eam A3100 A45 ECO
A728 A760 A780
A910 A920 A925
C980 E1 E100M
E1070 E2 E550
E6 E680 E680i
E770 E8 E815
E816 I870 K1
L2 L6 L6i
L7 L7e L7i
L9 M1000 M710
MPX200 MaxxVe Ming
Q Q8 Q9
Q9c Q9h Q9m
U6 U9 V1050
V1100 V195 V197
V3 V3-CLDC1.1 V325
V365 V3AM V3c
V3e V3i V3m-Red
V3re V3t V3x
V3xx V505 V535
V560 V6 V628
V710 V9 V975
W315 W355 W385
W490 W5 W510
Z10 Z3 Z6
Z6m Z8 Z9
i285 i415 i450
i50sx i55sr i580
i605 i615 i670
i730 i760 i830
i850 i855 i85s
i860 i875 i930
ic402 ic502 ic602


If you can not find your mobile phone, you can try to use the standard application versions below:
Standard-version, Minimum-version
If your device is not in the list, please send us a device-report with this application: install device testing application.
As an alternative you can build your own generic device: Build generic device.